Recent Endeavors

Siren's Call. Acrylic Painting, Mixed Medium. 2022

SHARKS. Acrylic Paint, Mixed Medium. 2023.

Traditional Paintings

Landscape & Color Studies

Digital Illustration

Self Portrait. Adobe Illustrator. 2022.
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Holiday Card Design. Procreate 2022.
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Traditional Illustration

Candy is Dandy. Colored Pencil. 2018.

The Hangry, Hangry, Hippos. 2015.

The Things We Love. Colored Pencil. 2018.

Fancy Dino II. Colored Pencil, Pen. 2016.

Syd, the Seasonal Squid. Colored Pencil. 2018

Bright, cotton candy skies, dinosaur flying in a dark pink airplane.

 Onward. Colored Pencil, Ink, Acrylic Paint. 2018

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