Concept Work
Some Assembly Required. Photoshop, SketchUp. 2022
Originally modeled in SketchUp, experience a replicated Thorne Room like no other! Dinosaurs not included.

RIGHT HAND RED. Photoshop, SketchUp. 2022
Are you trapped in this Thorne Room? Are you just trapped as a Prisoner in your mind? Is it really right hand red?

Let's Get Quacky. Rhino, Adobe Photoshop. 2022
Adding fun to a local water park, this fun structure showcases the process of design.

Savannah's Banana Stands. AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator. CADmapper. 2022
Revamping the city blocks of Savannah, citizens can now experience an educational and fun space that brings to life the town's history and a renewed sense of community.

Artist's Loft. Revit. Enscape. 2022.
Developing a place for artists to retreat to during the Fall seasonal months.

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