Creative Brief
A Monster breaks from the barnacle coated chest, rusted from the ocean floor.
"What's in the Chest?" Foam, Ribbon, lights, acrylic paint, mixed media. 2022.

Creative Brief
Rhonda is a developed spaceship prop created from recycled materials.

Rhonda, Mixed Media. 2022

Materials include recycled materials, EVA foam, cardbaord, paint, dinosaur,

Creative Brief
To recreate a favorite character using found objects.
"Khonshu". Mini figure head. Found Objects, Foam Clay, Paint, Mixed Media. 2023
The creation of this project was developed for personal enjoyment, artist does not own rights to Marvel's character.

Creative Brief
To develop a functioning prop inspired by Strickfaden's famous electrical props.
Dino-Mite Machine. Lights, found objects, mixed media. 2022.

Creative Brief
To develop a functioning 'raygun' prop. I developed Agatha, a functioning bubble blower.

Full view of Agatha.

"Agatha". Mixed Medium, EVA Foam, Seashells. Paint. 2022.
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