The majority of these pieces are an older compilation of work completed in colored pencil, ink, and a touch of acrylic paint.

Candy is Dandy. Colored Pencil. 2018.

The Hangry, Hangry, Hippos. 2015.

The Things We Love. Colored Pencil. 2018.

Fancy Dino II. Colored Pencil, Pen. 2016.

Syd, the Seasonal Squid. Colored Pencil. 2018

Bright, cotton candy skies, dinosaur flying in a dark pink airplane.

 Onward. Colored Pencil, Ink, Acrylic Paint. 2018

Fancy Dino I. Colored Pencil. 2016

City of Great Expectations: Installation 2015
The "City of Great Expectations" represents a perspective look on the realities and expectations a young adult encounters when entering the working world. Students preach their idealistic view of the world as they work towards the completion of their secondary education. This idealism, represented by simple storybook illustrations and gold painted city blocks, show four different topics an individual encounters on their everyday trek: relationships, vices and lifestyle decisions, education as a whole, and other social concerns. 
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