First Place Overall
First Place in Writing
Tied for First Place in Visual Development

In the year of our vengeful Lord, thirteen hundred and ninety five, the Black Death swept through our cities like a merciless wave–killing any and all in its path. Hearing tales of a manor just outside the city, a safe haven for those untouched by the plague, we fled to its doorstep–only now we suspect this place a house of horrors...
I can't recommend the people I worked with enough; they are dedicated, incredibly talented, and an amazing asset to any team they are a part of. Their contact is below:
Alyssa Phillips:  Designer, Fabricator, Maker-Extraordinaire.
Chris Thompson: Designer, Concept Artist, Dazzling 3D Modeler
Ray Zupp: Master Shuge-r, Experienced Designer, Incredible Concept Illustrator
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